prebid.js overview

Prebid.js is the open source framework that allows sites (also known as "publishers") to connect external advertiser demand to their ad inventory.

When a user visits a page powered by the prebid framework, the javascript will instruct "bidders" (ad exchanges who are configured within the framework by a given site) to respond with their best "bid" - the value a given brand, say Nike - is willing to pay to place an ad infront of a given user.

prebid.js user modules
(authenticated addressable breakout cards have moved to the main dashboard)

prebid.js major versions

The sincera engine crawls of the top websites, with 136,846 indicating they are running prebid. 98,073 are running the latest major version of Prebid, indicating that 71.7% of sites are on version 5 or greater.

Note that there are many forks of Prebid that restrict some form of functionality (Prebid API access) so this should be considered a conservative number.

prebid.js minor versions

This chart provides a view into the total number of publishers on each minor version of Prebid.

"header bidding"

Prebid.js is what's known as a "header bidding" solution, as the javascript typically runs in the "header" tag of a given publisher. This allows the site to contact exchanges for advertiser demand while avoiding interruption or page slowdown for the end user.

As Open Source software, Prebid plays a vital royal in the digital advertising ecosystem, as standardizes and maintains a path to advertiser demand for sites outside of the closed platforms (also known as "walled gardens") of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

prebid.js working example

div_id: banner-div-a size: 300x250 site_id: 335943

div_id: banner-div-b size: 300x250 site_id: 487806

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