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Methodology Update Tue Oct 05, 2021
By: mike
Hi all - We’ve updated the methodology counting for identifiers on sincera, which has resulted in an increase in the number of absolute detections. There are three main elements to the update: an increase in publishers monitored, identifier methodology, and additional publishers who are “deep crawled.” This weekend we added an additional 50k or so publishers.  This includes the Comscore Top 40k domains, as well as the Alexa top 100k US domains.  We'll continue to add more domains, but if you have specific domains you'd like to add, feel free to send a CSV of top-level domains to import.  Also note that the "tracked publishers" metric is always disclosed on the "publishers monitored" quickstat on the home page. The second change was to the core count methodology - the previous methodology only looked at "vanilla" PreBid installs (the standard codebase) and not any derivative PreBid-based, custom solutions.  The previous methodology also didn't account for the Index Exchange "IX Library" which resulted in a small increase for LiveRamp's IDL count and Unified ID (1.0) Finally, we’ve also increased the number of publishers we "deep crawl" (look for at least 300 unique pages under the top level domain) - this means that the detection counts increased slightly, particularly for publishers who don't have PreBid deployed on their home page, but have it deployed, say, on an article page.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! - mike
Format Support by Ad Unit Fri Sep 24, 2021
By: mike
We've updated the format support by ad unit home page chart and element. This is still fairly undercounted, as it is heavily skewed towards ComScore Top 500 publishers, who recieve a "deep crawl" (crawl all pages) vs. the "shallow crawl" of the long tail of publishers, which is crawling primarily the publisher home page.
Viewability Detection (Alpha) Fri Jul 16, 2021
By: mike
We've added viewability detection to publisher ad units (both Google and Prebid ad elements) across 16 different screen resolutions. Please note that this feature is currently experimental :) - but more to come!
Pardon the Dust Fri Jul 16, 2021
By: mike
Please pardon the dust as we continue to add more pages to the new design framework, we'll post updates as new functions come online
hello world :) Fri Jul 16, 2021
By: mike
First post on the new sincera design. Exciting!