TMZ is a celebrity news website that features celebrity gossip, interviews, video footage, photos, and more.

traffic trends

User behavioral and traffic trends for TMZ.

2144 Traffic Rank 0.91% TMZ's global rank, by traffic volume.
1.4 User Page Views 1.0% Average page views, per user, on TMZ
990ms Load Time 1.00% Average page load speed TMZ

publisher quickstats

Configuration information related to TMZ.

  • 2144

    Alexa global rank

  • 67

    Comscore US rank

  • 52

    ads.txt policies

  • 6,525

    unique pages scanned

  • 73%

    load speed percentile

  • Active

    GAM PPID Status

  • Not Found

    Consent Manager Platform

  • 5

    Header Wrappers Found

  • 31

    Matched sellers.json listings

  • 1.4

    Average PVs per Sessions

  • 241139

    Parent Entity ID

  • 1,235

    Publisher Assets Logged


New and experimental data for TMZ.